It’s been quite a challenge producing this CD with my fine-feathered friends.  They’re not the easiest musicians I’ve worked with.  In fact, they’re a bunch of prima donnas, very unprofessional, and had no commitment to this project.  If their songs were not so beautiful, I would have given up long ago.  I tried everything--processing lost the natural sound, extensive rearranging sounded schmaltzy, and mimicry came off as corny.  Then one day I was playing a recording of the Bach Cello Suite and decided to roll a field recording of birds underneath.  It worked!  When I thought about it, I realized the cello part for this project needed to be melodic, simple, and sparse—just like the birds.  The last piece of the puzzle was trying to play the cello as freely as they sang so there's plenty of improvisation to complement the melodies.  I always thought of myself as sitting in on their jam session.  After all, as direct descendants of dinosaurs, the birds have been making music for millions of years before humans came along!  - Doug Carroll

”...a beautiful collaboration between nature and his haunting cello.”

Pam Gullard

”It’s as if the birds knew they were in the piece! They come in at just the right time.The integration of cello and animals is natural - get the impression that you’re out in the forest playing while the birds are at it.”

Allan Crossman

”... a beautiful, almost meditative recording that takes us into the thick of nature...”

Tom Nunn

”...a lush and gorgeous soundscape...”

Lisa Moskow